11 kids and counting!

Over the past seven days we have had 11 kids born!  5 girls and 6 boys!  We still have three more does that we expect to give birth within the week.   All the kids are doing great. The births have mostly been uncomplicated, with the exception of the latest doe, Comet. Comet gave birth to a large baby boy after much straining. Immediately following the labor she suffered a uterine prolapse. This means that her uterus was pushed out of her body. Luckily, we were able to contact our vet, Robin Skillman, and with her amazing skill and experience she was able to push the uterus back in. With a couple of stitches and a shot for pain relief Comet is going to survive. Her baby boy is healthy, strong and nursing. Comet is being kept in a more confined space to help with the baby bonding process and to help her relax and heal. Whew! Thank you Robin Skillman!